Charly feels great in Norway and he likes to live there :-)!

Boris Golden vom Desenberg lives with familiy Pussack and loves them all!

Bella greately loved by family Traud ;-)

Little Debby lives in Norway with Anita and Anina.

Dasha with Benedicte in Norway ;-)

Dasha in Norway wins BOB at its 1st exhibition with great assessment!

I’m super proud of my offspring!

(Mating: Cita Aneriko and Elvis Venisti )

All our dogs share our home with us and are in constant contact with children – in other words they are socially well integrated! At our own dog training facility we offer courses for puppies and young dogs from all breeds, whatever the size, together with other canine sporting activities.


Worth thinking about

You buy your free-range eggs from contented hens, your coffee is fair trade, you avoid anything which involves child labour and your electricity comes from renewable resources, to ensure that your children will grow up in a world with a healthy environment. But what about your four-legged friend? Would you really buy a dog from a breeding farm?

Many people looking to buy a puppy often have no idea about the conditions in which they are bred. The question to ask yourself is whether you wish to support dog breeders who keep their dogs isolated in kennels or stables? Even if your puppy will have a good life in your home, its mother will spend her whole life on her own in a kennel. She will sleep in the cold while your puppy is lying in front of a cosy fire. You give the puppy your love and attention every day, without being aware that in her kennel its mother receives only food, water and straw. No affection – or even attention. As the buyer you can decide on where and from whom you buy your puppy.

And don’t forget that a dog which is not used to human contact from the very beginning often remains a loner and regards you simply as a provider of food. Such dogs are often uninterested in human contact and take every opportunity to avoid people.

We are often asked why there are such huge differences in the cost of puppies. We’d like to take this opportunity to give you an insight into our day and the work we put into caring for our dogs. Our puppies are not cheap, but for what you pay you receive an overall package which few breeders offer in this form.

  • Puppy set (cosy blanket from home, dogfood, natural mineral substances, treats, toys etc.)
  • Their parents have passed all the applicable health tests (HD, ED, PRA and have even undergone DNA testing), with the result that all our dogs are in the best of health. In addition they have a great life in our home, where even the senior citizens among them have their own place on the Sofa.
  • A vetarinary health certificate for every puppy
  • Guarantee
  • An official contract of purchase – we are registered breeders and pay our taxes (in other words we make our contribution to society and don’t breed black-market dogs)
  • Official registration papers from the dog Club
  • The puppies are chipped and registered with the Tasso System
  • A CD with photos from their first day of life onwards
  • An accompanying book with all the relevant Information
  • Puppies which are nearly house-trained (from the fourth week onwards we take our puppies into the garden every three hours)
  • Our puppies sleep on special dry beds, which in the early stages are changed and washed three times a day, so that our babies always have a nice dry surface to lie on
  • Rearing puppies in the home involves a massive amount of cleaning
  • Puppies which are socially integrated, playful, affectionate and focused on People
  • Our puppies are used to travelling by car – and they come when they’re called
  • They are reared in a holistic way and receive food which we prepare fresh every day. They also receive a vaccine which is especially mild in its effects (and is more expensive than the normal vaccine) – and they are wormed.
  • You can return the dog in the event of an emergency – in an emergency we are prepared to take back any of our dogs without requiring a reason for the return.
  • Constant contact and advice, even years after the purchase. We keep our promises.
  • Annual meetings of puppies from the same litter.
  • First-class care of the parent dogs at every stage of their lives.

Unfortunately this commitment to rearing dogs which are healthy, playful, affectionate and relate to people involves a lot of time, effort and cost. For this reason we regret that we don’t deal in cut-price puppies – anyone who is in a position to do so is not a serious dog breeder and goes in for mass production.

For those who like calculating the cost of their investment: a dog will live for 12 – 14 years. This means a cost of less than €100 per year – an amount which you will easily save in bills from the vet. If we assume a life expectancy of 12 years this means 26 cents a day – an investment which will give you happiness on a daily basis and keep you fit and healthy.

Although we can’t guarantee that your dog will never require medical treatment in the course of its life, we can promise you that we will apply all our skills to ensure that your dog can spend a happy, healthy life with you. In terms of dog breeding, genetics and medical treatment we keep our know-how up-to-date and stay in touch with the latest developments in other countries such as the USA, so that if necessary we can apply the latest forms of treatment and testing – in relation to DNA for example.

You can find out on the Internet how much pain, sadness and veterinary costs can result from buying a puppy on the cheap.