RKF standard Bolonka zwetna

Overall appearance A small, powerful, well-balanced dog. The body is a little longer than the height at the withers. The coat is curly and wavy.

Important proportions The body is a little longer than its height at the withers. The muzzle is a little shorter than the skull.

Character: even-tempered, lively, friendly

Head: Harmonises with the overall appearance, medium-sized

Skull: top of the head moderately wide, slightly rounded Stop: pronounced

Face: nose area not protruding. Black or matching the coat. Muzzle: straight, a little shorter than the skull. Tapering towards the nose. Lips: tight Jaws: scissors bite is required. A level bite is acceptable, while slightly undershot is tolerated. Eyes: medium-sized, round, dark brown or hazel. Set at a slightly oblique angle. The eyelids are lean and tight. The eye rims are black or matching the colour of the coat. Ears: small, high set and carried drooping or folded, lying close to the skull.

Neck: of medium length, held upright

Body: compact Withers: slightly rounded Back: straight, strong, wide, well muscled Loin: short and level Croup: moderately wide, slightly tapered Breast: deep, moderately wide, with an oval upper line Lower line: well tucked up

Tail: medium length, set high and carried proudly over the back. The tip can also be carried to the left or right of the back.

Limbs Forequarters: seen from the front straight, upright and parallel. In proportion and length they harmonise with the body. Shoulders: angled between 90 and 110° Elbows: neither turned inwards nor outwards Pasterns: strong and almost straight

Hindquarters: seen from the rear straight and parallel. A little broader than the forequarters. The angulation must ensure a straight back. Paws: small, slightly oval and arched

Gait: light-footed, smooth and flowing

Coat: dense, thick, soft, supple and silky. The coat forms large curls or waves. The preference is for curls. Well-developed undercoat. No parting on back. The head has a well-developed beard and moustaches. Colour: all colours except white are permitted, including black, black & tan, brown, brown & tan, grey (wolf grey, silver), ret, fawn, cream, saddle markings, brindle. Small white markings on the breast and or feet are tolerated.

Size: ideal height at the withers is 24 – 26 cm

Faults: any deviation from the above points is to be assessed as a fault. The severity of the fault depends on the level of deviation.

 Disqualifying faults: – overshot bite – serious undershot bite – white markings covering more than 20% of the coat – lack of beard or moustache – lack of tail, short tail

P.S: The male must have two visible, normally developed testicles fully contain within the scrotum.