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World Dog Show Leipzig 10.11.2017

November 10, 2017 in News by astrid

Back from Leipzig !
Talisman Zapada Viking
Offene Klasse : V1 Exellent VDH-Certificate
Breeder : Anna Lbova-Podgornaya
Owner : Astrid Hahn-Platte 
VikkiVikki_World Dog Show




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We have a new Stud Dog !

May 31, 2017 in News by astrid



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Norway Champion Galina Golden vom Desenberg !

August 4, 2016 in News by astrid

Finally long waited mail from Norwegian kennel club!!! FI CH SE CH FIW-14 FIJW-14 HeJW-14 HeJW-14 Galina Golden Vom Desenberg can add NO CH and NORD CH titles to her list of titles.
Next we prepare for Finnish Toy dog Specialty show at 21.8 in Helsinki, Kaivopuisto.

Galina Golden vom Desenberg

( Cassy Aneriko x Elvis Venisti )

Galina -Champion  Iam very very proud ! And big thanks at Mikko and Kari in Finnland !

Back from Show in Oer Erkenschick 02.07.2016

July 3, 2016 in News by Ralph Striewe



We have a good day ;-)


Shaggy Smooth Aneriko    Verbandssieger 2016 ,  BR, BOS  V1, CAC Anw.Dt. Ch. VDH

and Tatjana Golden vom Desenberg

puppy class VV1 IMG-20160702-WA0002





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Back from a good Show – Weekend

June 12, 2016 in News by astrid

Satisfied back from Nidda  11.06.2016

Shaggy Smooth V 1 Anw. DtCH VDH Bester Rüde

Tsvet Hibin Zhenshen SG

Cassy Aneriko   V 1 Anw.Dtch VDH CAC

Tatjana Golden vom Desenberg  Babyklasse  VV1  BIS 3Show Nidda


At this point I would also like to thank again Anika Stahl for the great organization and dedication!
We are back next year!



Dasha Golden vom Desenberg are Champion in Norway !

November 10, 2015 in News by Ralph Striewe

Iam very proud !


Great success again today, this time with Dasha Golden vom Desenberg. We now have a Norwegian Champion 🎉🎉
Thank you, Astrid Hahn-Platte, for this beautiful girl 💕 So proud of her!
Judge Spela Briski Cirman said: “Nice female, correct head, expression, correct bite. Good neck and topline, correct tailset, straight front and hind legs. Good quality coat. Lovely temperament”
So happy with this weekend’s show success!




Great Day for Galina Golden vom Desenberg at Finnland

August 24, 2015 in News by Ralph Striewe

What a great day at Heinola all breeds dog show.
Russian Bolonkas under judge Arne Foss.
BOB + CAC (13th)
Owners: Kari Kuosmanen & Mikko Lindroos.
Breeder: Astrid Hahn-Platte, Germany.

We are sooo proud for Mikko, Kari and Galina Golden vom Desenberg !

Iam a happy Breeder !



Welcome to Bolonka Zwetna breeders Golden vom Desenberg.

Our love of this wonderful Bichon breed began with a Bichon Frise from the VDH/ VK Just for Fun line.

You are cordially invited to find out all about these wonderful little dogs on our website, or to get to know our dogs and their lovable nature in person. We look forward to meet you!

Outstanding show success in Dortmund 09./10.05.2015

May 10, 2015 in News by Ralph Striewe

My own offspring female win in Dortmund 09.05.2015

VDH Europa- Jugendsiegerin 2015  ;-)

V1 , Jugend CAC

Anw.Dt. Jug.Ch VDH  Bester Junghund

10.05 V1 Frühjahrsjungendsieger Bester Junghund




And she did it again  !

Turku International Top Dog Show 24.01.2015
V-14 JV-14 HeJW-14 HeW-14 Zvezdnyi Triumf Dorofey
V-14 JV-14 HeJW-14 HeW-14 Galina Golden Vom Desenberg10947162_10203737861506484_2007302347132022123_n


At only 9 months Galina Golden vom Desenberg becomes multi-champion

( Galina’s parents are Cassy Aneriko x Elvis Venisti )

A wonderful gift from Finland which has really touched me  Thank you Kari Kuosmanen and Mikko Lindroos for giving me this wonderful present. I wish to thank you with all my heart and of course I’m really proud of our Galina Golden vom Desenberg ( Galina won 4 TITLES in that 2-show weekend. 6.12.2015 Helsinki Junior Winner 2014 & Helsinki Winner 2014. That’s because Galina won Junior Class and was ‘Best bitch’ and ‘Best in show’. And on 7.12.2014 Galina was Finnish Junior Winner 2014 & Finnish Winner 2014, because she won junior class and was ‘Best bitch’ and ‘Best in show’. Her titles are: HEJW-14 HEW-14 FIJW-14 FIW-14.) (Parents : Cassy Aneriko x Elvis Venisti ) and all the best to you! A beautiful gift from Finland, which touched my heart ; – )

DSC_1742 DSC_1738 DSC_1736DSC_1737

We had a good day in Oer Erckenschwick Cita Aneriko V1 BOB CAC Nomination for VDH German Champion North Rhine Westphalia State Champion

Cassy Aneriko  V2 Res.CAC

I’m also very proud of my own offspring Janka Golden vom Desenberg (parents Ella Venisti x Orwell Aneriko ) VV1 Best Baby

Iljanka Golden vom Desenberg (parents La Toya Aneriko x Elvis Venisti ) VV2



Tsvet Hibin Zhenshen


BOB Best Young Dog  Anw.GermanJug.Ch


Wik-Cvet Vinny Vrch

V 1 CAC Nomination for VDH Junior German Champion

DSC_1237 DSC_1239 DSC_1229 DSC_1233

DSC_0275 DSC_0264

Zak has been awarded his breeding licence and is available to suitable bitches as a stud dog!

For more details please see:    ‘Our male dogs’ in the Navigation

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Yummy … puppy in a cup. If you are interested in our puppies simply give us a call on 05641-743348



News News News

Today was a very good day for us in Norway!

Dasha took first place and became the ‘Best baby’ while Charly Golden vom Desenberg also received an outstanding rating!

I’m really very happy and proud

A super show success for the puppies of  Cita Aneriko x Elvis Venisti

In Norway Dasha wins BOB with her owner Benedicte

An excellent example of the breed, attractive feminine head, good proportions, promising coat, very good movement. A totally ravishing puppy. Wonderful temperament. Very well shown!

For your information we apply all the possibilities of DNA analysis with our dogs!



State Champion Lower Saxony / BOB / Best bitch

January 5, 2015 in News by Ralph Striewe

Yeah Yeah Yeah she did it again !

Under judge Annaliisa Heikkinnen from Finland

Super success for our Cassy

V1  , Best bitch , Nomination for German Champion VDH / CAC

Lower Saxony State Champion!

We couldn’t be prouder!

DSC_9537 DSC_9522 DSC_9526 DSC_9528 DSC_9532 DSC_9533-kopie

Dog show in Isernhagen – 30.08.2014 Judge Tanja Engel

Junior class for male dogs: Wik – Cvet Vinny Vrch SG 2 Tsvet Hibin Zhenshen V1 Nomination German Junior Champion Junior CAC / Best male dog Junior class bitches Tsvet Hibin Zhakaranda SG 4

Open class bitches Cassy Aneriko V1 BOB , Best bitch , Nomination German Champion VDH
DSC_8018 DSC_9497 DSC_9507



01.11.2014 Cita wins in Hanover!

January 5, 2015 in News by Ralph Striewe

Hanover International Dog Show

Cita Aneriko

Cita BOB Hannover


Two Firsts and one Second for the Desenberg stars in Kassel!

Elvis  V1 CAC

Ella     V1 Nomination for German Champion CAC Club

Cassy V2 Res. Nomination for German VDH Champion Res. CAC Club


I am sooo proud 15